Welcome To MalcolmMillerPT


What I Can Do For You

Whether you are an athlete who has been training for years and wants to take your sporting to the next level, or it's your first time in the gym and you are looking for guidance, I'm here and ready to help you achieve the results you desire.  We do this by improving your performance through safe and effective science-based programs which are carefully personalised to your goals. 

My clients have a wide range of fitness and health and physique goals. 

If you need guidance surrounding diet to lose or gain weight, I provide clients with advice on how to achieve these goals.  This is done through tracking your nutrition using App based tools and designing a nutrition plan based on your needs and preferences.

Basically, if you eat food and exercise, I can support you on your path to being where you want to be.


"Malcolm has lifted my confidence and put me back on track towards reaching my goals. Not only has he tailored a workout program to my goals but also my medical needs, he has taken times to answer my questions, go through form and he still pushes me to be better. I feel much more aware of my form due to Malcolm's teachings. My confidence has gone up incredibly in the gym and I feel his program is filled with every one of my needs. Amazing guy with amazing services."

Justine, 19